Tips to Allow Safe and Sober Socializing 

May 24, 2023 | Rehab

Re-entering your routine, meeting your friends, and socializing are part of addiction recovery. However, sober socializing can be difficult at times, especially during the early stage of recovery. Thus, knowing a few tips for sober socializing can go a long way. 

Listed below are a few helpful tips that will allow a safe and sober socializing experience. 

  1. Be honest 

It is normal to be hesitant while sharing about your addiction recovery with everyone. However, sharing the same with your inner circle of friends can be helpful. They can help you stay away from the substances and also aid you with moral and emotional support. Also, sharing the same with your peers in recovery can be helpful. 

  1. Maintain a distance from substances 

Since substances like alcohol are legal and are served at various places, it is important not to visit them. Places like bars, clubs, etc. can become triggers and lead to a relapse. Therefore, instead of meeting your friends at these places, arrange meetings at coffee shops, theaters, etc. Try socializing at venues that don’t serve alcohol or have access to drugs. 

  1. Bring your drinks 

If you know that the party or social gathering will serve alcohol, bring your drinks. You can bring any juices or non-alcoholic beverages of your choice. This won’t make you feel left out and you can enjoy yourself with your friends. 

  1. Practice your responses 

A part of sober socializing is also facing some tough questions. As per your past habit, people will be used to seeing you drink or do drugs. Hence, if you refuse, they are going to question you or even force you to do substances. However, you need to be prepared with answers. Try to explain to them about your situation and reasons why you are refraining from substances. 

  1. Plan your exit strategy 

It is normal to feel tempted to drink or do drugs again after recovery. However, if you face a similar situation, the best way to avoid this is by exiting gracefully. If you feel you can’t hold your temptations any longer, just give a believable excuse and leave. There’s no harm in lying to save yourself from a relapse. 

  1. Seek help 

If you feel your temptations are growing and that you won’t be able to hold them any longer, seek help. Talk to your therapist, a friend, a counselor, or anyone whom you trust. You can always revisit your treatment center for professional help. 

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