Treatment for Alcoholism 

Jun 10, 2023 | Rehab

Alcoholism, also termed alcohol use disorder or AUD, is one of the most common addictions. As per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 14 million adults in our country struggle with alcoholism. Out of these, about 95,000 people lose their lives to alcohol-related health complications. 

Despite these many deaths due to alcohol, hardly a few seek treatment. Hence, it is important to know more about alcohol addiction and its treatments

Diagnosing Alcohol Addiction 

Your alcohol intake might not seem problematic to you, but others can be already affected by it. What you consider casual drinking can already be a sign of addiction. Thus, to help you identify your addiction, here are some signs to look out for: 

  1. You lie about your drinking 
  2. You prefer to drink alone or in secret 
  3. You feel irritated and anxious without alcohol 
  4. Binge drinking is what you do regularly 
  5. You experience frequent blackouts and memory loss 
  6. Relationships with your loved ones and friends seem disrupted 
  7. You have lost interest in hobbies 

These and many other signs are an indication of evolving alcohol addiction. Hence, if you notice these signs in yourself, be sure to consult a professional. 

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Addiction 

Prolonged use of alcohol can cause damage your organs. Some of the commonly affected organs in your body due to alcohol are: 

  • Stomach 
  • Kidneys 
  • Pancreas 
  • Heart 
  • Liver 
  • Brain 

Damage to these organs can lead to many health problems like cancer, memory loss, stroke, etc. 

Reasons for Consuming Alcohol 

Socializing is one of the reasons people begin drinking in the first place. People with social anxiety, etc. prefer to take alcohol to feel comfortable in a social setting. However, there are other reasons too for which people turn to alcohol. Those mainly include: 

  • Cope with a loss 
  • Shed off the feeling of guilt, regret, shame, etc. 
  • Cope with childhood or past trauma 
  • Overcome loneliness 
  • Feel happy 
  • Relieve stress 

People can have other personal reasons to drink. However, that does not justify their drinking habit. If you suffer from the issues mentioned above, there are ways to deal with them too. You can join therapy to overcome anxiety, personality disorders, etc. Whereas, in case of stress, practice sports, art, music, etc. to divert your attention. 

No matter the cause, once addicted, it is important to treat it at the earliest. You can visit Taylor Recovery for an elaborate alcohol addiction treatment program. We are located in Texas and serve in Dallas. Contact us now to learn more!