Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders  

Jun 28, 2023 | Rehab

Substance addiction is not easy to treat. The process needs a lot of effort, time, and dedication. However, you need to be even more dedicated if you are diagnosed with an underlying mental health condition. Yes, we are referring to co-occurring disorders. 

A co-occurring disorder is a condition where two or more health conditions are diagnosed. For example, you are diagnosed with anxiety along with substance abuse. In this case, the treatment method will change a bit. How? Let’s find out! 

What is Dual Diagnosis? 

Dual diagnosis refers to the co-occurrence of multiple health disorders as mentioned in the example above. Out of all the substance addiction cases, a majority of them are also diagnosed with an underlying mental health condition. This can occur either as a cause or a result of substance abuse. 

You may already be suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc. When the disorders continue for a long time, you may resort to substances to cope with them. And it may all feel good for the time being. But as the behavior continues, you start to develop an addiction to the substance. The same can also happen in reverse. Now, you have two health disorders-anxiety/depression, and substance addiction. 

With time, both these disorders become worse and you cannot fight any of them. That’s when professional treatment steps in. You need to visit a rehab offering treatment for dual diagnosis. 

Why is Treatment Important in this Case? 

Treating dual diagnosis is important because the situation can become worse with time. As we all know, addiction alone can do a lot of harm. Then when combined with a mental health disorder, the situation can be worse. 

What started as a minor mental health issue can convert into several other problems, including physical health conditions. Thus, experts always advise seeking treatment for dual diagnosis at the earliest. 

What are the Treatment Options for Dual Diagnosis? 

Ideally, every treatment for substance addiction also deals with mental health issues. However, certain rehabs do offer special treatment for dual diagnosis. These treatments focus on treating both conditions simultaneously. 

You can also go for specialized inpatient or outpatient treatments considering the severity of your co-occurring disorders. However, if you are still confused about your next step, you can consult our professionals at Taylor Recovery. We are serving in Dallas, Texas, and offer effective treatments for dual diagnosis. Visit us or contact our team now and begin treatment today!