Twelve Steps In Alcohol Recovery

Apr 16, 2022 | Rehab

Once you begin working with the 12-step program, you will be asked to consider God as your higher power. But everyone coming to the center doesn’t need to believe in God. Considering God as your higher power only means you select something or someone who can help you motivate and inspire throughout the recovery process. The higher power can be anything that helps you stay focused on recovery. 

While working on the 12 – steps of recovery, it is important to have a sponsor and follow the steps in order as given in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Below are the tips to help you follow the 12 – stages of recovery. 

  1. List down the reasons that have stopped you from quitting alcohol on your own and how your addiction has caused trouble in your life. 
  2. Think about the factors that motivated you to continue with your addiction at that moment. 
  3. Note down the qualities you wish to ask for from your chosen higher power. Discuss the same with your sponsor at the meetings. 
  4. Before beginning step 4, talk to your sponsor and other members of your group to get their views. 
  5. Reaching step 5 will be an achievement. It would’ve taken a lot of hard work to reach this step. Therefore, it requires some appreciation and celebration.
  6. Therefore, everybody has strengths, consider yours and try to look beyond your defects. It helps you stay positive throughout the process. 
  7. There will be a situation where you might feel that your old behavior is trying to take over again. Ask your higher power for the strength to overcome it, and later talk to your sponsor about it. It gives a sense of pride that you were able to handle it. 
  8. By this stage, you might experience some spiritual relief. You have made a lot of progress till now; continue having faith in the process and keep moving forward. 
  9. By now, you may have apologized several times. This step is all about bringing a positive change to our behavior to prevent any future harm. 
  10. Maintain a journal and write about how you spent your day. Continue this process for a week and observe the change. 
  11. Think about what your higher power’s will is for you. They would only wish for you to stay sober and live a healthy life. 
  12. Consider yourself to the best use for others. You could be a great help to others who have recently joined the program. 

Treatment At Taylor Recovery

The 12 – step recovery method works if you have the will to get better. Taylor Recovery center implements the same procedure to help patients overcome their alcohol addiction. You can call us now to know more about our other treatment plans and therapies.