Understanding the Distinction Between Opiate and Opioid Withdrawals

Jan 15, 2024 | Rehab

Indeed, withdrawal symptoms can be a challenging hurdle to overcome on the path to recovery from substance abuse. So understanding the difference between opiate and opioid withdrawal is crucial for those seeking effective treatment at a recovery center.

It’s best to keep in mind that both opiates and opioids are derived from the opium poppy plant, but they have distinct characteristics that influence the withdrawal process.

Opiates refer to natural substances such as morphine and codeine, originating directly from the opium poppy. Opioids, on the other hand, encompass a broader category that includes synthetic and semi-synthetic substances like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl.

While the withdrawal symptoms from opiates and opioids share similarities, such as nausea, sweating, and muscle aches, opioid withdrawal is often considered more intense due to the potency and synthetic nature of many opioids.

It’s true that withdrawal from both opiates and opioids can be excruciating, leading individuals to seek solace and treatment at a recovery center. Now, the professional Medical Detox, offered at specialized facilities like Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas, can provide the necessary support and care during this critical phase – that’s a guarantee.

Medical Detox involves the use of medications and round-the-clock monitoring to manage withdrawal symptoms and ensure the safety and comfort of the individual.

Here at Taylor Recovery, our comprehensive approach to Medical Detox not only addresses the physical symptoms of withdrawal but also provides emotional and psychological support.

Rest assured that our skilled and experienced medical team understands the nuances of opiate and opioid withdrawal, tailoring their approach to each individual’s unique needs. This personalized care significantly increases the chances of successful detoxification and sets the foundation for a successful recovery journey.

So if you or a loved one is struggling with opiate or opioid addiction, seeking help through Medical Detox at Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas, could be a life-changing step.

Don’t let the fear of withdrawal deter you from achieving lasting recovery – reach out to Taylor Recovery today to start the journey toward a healthier and addiction-free life.