Ways to Help an Alcoholic Spouse

Jan 18, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol has ruined the lives of many. Not only does it harm the user, but equally affects people around them. The conditions are even worse when your spouse is the one addicted to alcohol

As the only sober partner, your life can become a lot more difficult than you would have thought. Right from finances to looking after your children, every little responsibility falls on your shoulder. There are several other side effects of living with an alcoholic spouse. 

How it is to Live with an Alcoholic Spouse? 

Studies show that partners of alcoholics are not healthy either. Even though they don’t consume any substances, their mental and physical health is equally bad. This is mainly due to the stress of dealing with an alcoholic partner. As a sober partner, you’re also at a higher risk of developing certain mental health conditions like: 

  1. PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
  2. Sleeping problems 
  3. Depression 
  4. Anxiety 

Other problems may also follow our financial instability and missing out on responsibilities. Apart from these, there are also higher chances of you being the victim of domestic violence. Your partner may engage in a fight with you when drunk and end up hurting you in terrible ways. 

Tolerating all these conditions is likely to hinder your health and you may even end up consuming substances. Thus, it is better to help your partner before it gets too late. 

Helping an Alcoholic Spouse 

Living with an alcoholic spouse is no joke. Thus, if your partner is an alcoholic, here’s how you can help them. 

  • Take a step back in certain situations and let your partner realize their mistake 
  • Understand that your partner needs professional help
  • Never support their actions around alcohol 
  • Communicate about their addiction and how its affecting you when they are sober 
  • Suggest they seek professional help 

Look After Yourselves too!

Meanwhile, you help your partner, do not forget about your well-being. Take care of your physical and mental health. You too can approach a therapist or a professional for yourself. 

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