Ways to Help an Alcoholic Who Refuses Treatment 

May 20, 2023 | Rehab

It is always disheartening to see a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction. The situation is even more challenging when that person does not want your help. All they do is refuse to accept that they are addicted and therefore, don’t need any intervention. 

However, we know that it is not easy to see your loved one in such a situation. Therefore, we have listed below some ways that may come in handy while you attempt to help a loved one. 

Ways to Help an Alcoholic 

The following are the ways you can follow to help an individual who refuses treatment: 

  1. Educate yourself 

Before you help a loved one, educate yourself on alcohol addiction, its side effects, and its aspects. This will allow you to know the condition better.

  1. Remember to be patient 

While it is natural to be upset or angry while addressing the issue, it is more important to be patient. Hence, remain calm, and listen to them carefully. This gives them a chance to say their story. 

  1. Create healthy boundaries 

You can make rules for your house, for example, strictly no alcohol in the house. Or maybe advise other members not to encourage or talk about alcohol while the addict is around. 

  1. Let them face the consequences 

We know that you care about your loved one and can’t see them in pain. But it is also important to let them face the consequences at times. It gives them a learning of their behavior. 

  1. Join family therapy 

These therapies are especially for families who are dealing with a similar problem as yours. Attending this will give knowledge of how others are dealing with the problem. 

  1. Move out 

Sometimes, you need to be tough on your loved one. Walking away from them for some time is a part of that. This shows that you can no longer tolerate their addiction and that you too are affected by their actions. 

  1. Organize your finances 

Addiction is expensive. Thus, make sure to save some money for yourself and other important expenses like bills, food, education, etc. This money can also help in times of emergency. 

  1. Decide and intervene 

Once your loved one has realized the need for help, step forward and offer support. Suggest they attend rehab and consult professionals. 

Don’ts of Helping an Alcoholic 

Remember to stay away from these while trying to help your loved one: 

  1. No ultimatums 
  2. Never hide the problem 
  3. Guilt is not a weapon 
  4. Never enable
  5. Don’t blame yourself 
  6. Never force 

Once you have convinced your loved one to seek treatment, you can bring them to Taylor Recovery. We are happy to serve the people of Dallas, Texas. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment!