Ways to Manage Stress at Work While Going Through Addiction Recovery

Dec 20, 2022 | Rehab

Work can be stressful for people, especially for people in recovery. Stress can cause relapse. It is why developing a healthy coping mechanism is a must.

When you are stressed, several negative emotions will follow. If you are stressed during work, you can always take bathroom breaks to breathe, though it is not always effective.

Taylor Recovery wants to help recovering individuals who struggle with stress at work. It is why we write some tips on how to handle it.

Turn Your Experience Into Words

Writing in a journal will help you process all the negative emotions you feel during a stressful situation. Also, by writing your experience, you can pinpoint the trigger and avoid it next time.

Take a Step Outside and Be with Nature

Choose a place where there are trees. Practice your healthy breathing pattern. By doing this, your well-being is calmer and more relaxed because of your breathing and nature. Nature is always calming and relaxing.

Create Art

When you are at work, you can draw or doodle anything that can help you relieve stress. Art is always helpful. It can take your mind off things.


Studies show that persons who regularly meditate can maintain their calmness throughout the day. According to one study, when a person regularly practiced meditation, the same areas of the brain that glows during meditation will remain glowing even after.

Try Working on a Different Task

If your task is making you feel stressed, pause it. You can try to do a different one to refresh your mind. When you are calmer at less stressed, continue where you left off.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries at work can help lessen stress. Be vocal about the things that make you uncomfortable.

Listen To Music

Music releases feel-good hormones in the brain. It is why music never fails to heal a stressed soul.

Continue Your Therapy

Therapy will always be the best answer. Talking to a professional can help you process your negative emotions. You can add hours or days to your therapy session if you need it.


Like music, exercise releases dopamine in the brain which makes you feel good. Staying active will help your mind and body.

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