What Are the 3 Main Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Aug 5, 2023 | Rehab

Up to 1 in 5 American adults experience mental illness every year. And over 3 million adults in Texas are presently dealing with mental health disorders. Additionally, it has been estimated that 796,000 adults in Texas suffer from serious mental health issues.

In those numbers, 43.4% reported having anxiety or depression symptoms in February 2021. Also, it’s challenging for Texans to seek help because they are five times more likely to be forced to seek mental health care outside of their primary care network.

Moreover, studies have shown that mental health illnesses are usually coexisting with substance abuse. This condition is called a co-occurring disorder.

But because modern health innovations today are much more sophisticated, co-occurring disorders or dual-diagnosis are treatable. A very effective program for co-occurring disorders, according to experts, is called Dual Diagnosing Treatment.

The Main Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The dual diagnosis treatment is effective because it can provide many benefits. Those benefits are an indication of a well-developed program for mental health illness and addiction. Some of those benefits include,

  1. It Can Identify the Root Cause of Addiction

Knowing the root cause of someone’s substance use disorder is a crucial step to achieving holistic recovery. Addiction can stem from a mental health disorder, past trauma, etc., but identifying the root cause, first and foremost, will help create a specialized program for every patient according to the root cause of their addiction.

  1. Helps in Dealing With Traumas

With the right care and therapy, dual diagnosis treatment helps you go past your previous trauma. You won’t have to relive the agonizing and painful events from your past, but you will learn about them. You’ll learn strategies that will enable you to keep those traumatic events from having a bearing on the years to come.

  1. Learning How to Change Thought Patterns

To reach your goals and transform into the person you want, you’ll learn how to alter your thought patterns and behaviors during dual diagnosis treatment. One of the most important things to understand is that with this sort of treatment, you are trying to improve yourself and build the future that you choose.

Invest in Your Future by Getting Dual Diagnosis Treatment

People occasionally question their need for treatment. They simply want to give up drinking and drug use without taking into consideration their mental health.

But if you only address one issue without addressing the other, you risk failing. Fortunately, the treatment program you’ll receive at Taylor Recovery will tackle both issues in a complete and supportive program.

Our Medical Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, and Sober Living are all top-notch treatment programs in Texas.

Why don’t you call us today and get on the start toward addiction recovery?