What Are the Five Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Jul 31, 2023 | Rehab

You might be unsure whether dual diagnosis treatment is the best course of action if you or someone you care about is battling addiction and a mental health condition.

This sort of treatment, which aims to treat both the addiction and the mental health issue, is quite effective at helping people overcome addiction.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we provide dual diagnosis care that can assist you or a loved one in battling addiction and mental health issues.

Here are the five benefits you can achieve from our dual diagnosis treatment.

Higher Recovery Success Rates

When both addiction and mental health disorders are treated, the recovery success is very high. It’s because the symptoms of the mental health issue and the addiction’s underlying cause are being addressed.

Better Mental Health

Although patients with dual diagnoses frequently conceal their mental health from others,  it doesn’t mean that their suffering is not real. In addition to getting the mental health or substance use disorder treatment you need, you can learn healthy coping mechanisms with dual diagnosis treatment.

Improvement of Physical Health

It is public knowledge that having a substance use disorder is bad for your physical health, whether through an overdose or from the body’s continued exposure to harmful substances. But much like substance abuse, psychiatric illnesses can harm your physical well-being. Individuals suffering from anxiety and mood problems may feel exhausted, lost, and unable to focus on enhancing their physical health.

To help you get better, dual diagnosis treatment focuses on both your physical and mental needs, ensuring that you get the diet, rest, and exercise you need.

Better Life Quality

Simply by being more knowledgeable about their disease, patients with dual diagnosis frequently see an improvement in their quality of life. Patients feel more in control of their lives and prepared to face future obstacles after learning more about their bodies, mind, and the interactions between mental diseases and substance use.

Enhanced Desire to Recover

An individual is more likely to be successful in recovery if they are driven to overcome both their addiction and their mental health issue. They have an increased tendency to complete their treatment and begin making the necessary changes for recovery.

Because addiction is a condition that worsens over time, it can be deadly if left untreated.

If you or a loved one struggle with addiction and a mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment might be the best course of action.

Taylor Recovery customizes dual diagnosis treatment to each patient’s particular need. Our programs include Residential Treatment, Medical Detox, IOP, PHP, and more.

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