What Are The Treatment Programs Involved in Dual Diagnosis?

Aug 13, 2023 | Rehab

Dual diagnosis may sound like two kinds of examination, but dual diagnosis essentially means co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring disorders or coexisting disorders are disorders happening at the same time, like mental health illnesses with substance use disorder.

This condition is a very complex one to treat because you can’t address the other while neglecting the other.

Additionally, overlooking one disorder in dual diagnosis means destructive consequences.

For example, treating substance abuse but leaving the mental health disorder behind will eventually lead to relapse. Making the treatment program useless. It’s the reason why treating co-occurring disorders with dual diagnosis treatment is the key to lasting sobriety.

Dual diagnosis treatment is a complex process. It requires several different treatment programs to ensure effectiveness. However, each patient needs a customized treatment plan depending on their condition and needs.

What Are the Treatment Programs in Dual Diagnosis?

As mentioned above, there is no standard treatment plan that fits every patient. A trustworthy and genuine rehab center will create a specialized treatment plan for each patient.

Here are some of the treatment programs you should expect in dual diagnosis treatment.

Residential Treatment

Residential or inpatient treatment is the recommended program for individuals with dual diagnosis. It’s mainly because the dual diagnosis treatment requires some time to achieve holistic healing.


Psychotherapy is a crucial component of dual diagnosis treatment since it teaches patients healthy coping skills without turning to drugs or alcohol. Additionally, motivational interviewing can assist someone in altering their compulsive behaviors. In this form of therapy, a mental health professional works with the patient to help them assess how their objectives, beliefs, and definition of healthy living relate to their use of substances.

Individual Therapy

This is a one-on-one therapy program for patients who need mano a mano approach to treating their mental health.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is the approach for patients who learn to isolate and struggle to perform social skills.

Sober Living Apartments

Sober Living is an aftercare program designed to help patients in transition.

Dual diagnosis is a complex battle. But with proper treatment and support, you can overcome it. Finding the most suitable treatment program for you is the first step.

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