What Are the Treatments That Comprise Dual Diagnosis?

Aug 11, 2023 | Rehab

There are so many potential side effects of every mental health condition. It’s why dealing with them can be very difficult. Due to the differences between people, each person will be affected differently.

However, when these mental health issues co-exist with additional medical issues like substance use disorder, things get much more difficult. This medical condition is called dual diagnosis or co-occurring diagnosis.

How to Treat Dual Diagnosis?

While it’s true that mental health issues complicate the addiction itself, and vice versa, the good news is dual diagnosis treatment is proven to deliver positive and successful recovery.

Co-occurring disorders are best treated using dual diagnosis treatment. The treatment may comprise different treatment programs depending on the severity of the condition. Experts will base the treatment plan they will create after the assessment of every patient.

Although some of the specifics of dual diagnosis treatment vary depending on the facility, it generally includes these programs:


The first stage of therapy in dual diagnosis is typically detox because the existence of a substance use disorder frequently contributes to or exacerbates the mental health problem. In detox, the drug or specific substance of abuse linked to the addiction is gradually or systematically reduced or eliminated.

Detox is frequently accompanied by withdrawal symptoms, which can range in severity from moderate to potentially fatal. It’s a key factor in why dual diagnosis programs must be included in facilities that treat dual disorders.


Another crucial component in dual diagnosis treatment is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is frequently used to assist in identifying addiction risks and learning techniques or skills on how to successfully avoid or manage these risks.


Medication is essential in a dual diagnosis program. First, most mental health disorders need medication to balance the hormone in the body. Second, medication can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms in patients.

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