What Are the Ultimate Goals of Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Aug 9, 2023 | Rehab

According to studies, mental health issues and addiction usually coexist. Alcohol and drugs are typically taken by people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues to alleviate their symptoms. This can eventually result in substance use disorder.

Mental health disorders are really powerful triggers for substance abuse and vice versa. But how can you support an individual with a co-occurring disorder? Based on available studies and information, the primary solution to a co-occurring disorder is a dual diagnosis treatment.

Our team at Taylor Recovery made this article to guide our readers to make an informed decision on how dual diagnosis is the key to a successful recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Its Goals

Dual diagnosis treatment is a program specifically for individuals struggling with coexisting mental health disorders and substance abuse. It’s an effective treatment program for addiction because of its integrated care that treats both co-occurring disorders. It recognizes how co-occurring disorders affect each other.

Every treatment program has goals to achieve. And most programs are developed using those goals. Just like other treatments, dual diagnosis treatment also has objectives in its treatment approaches, including the following:

To educate every patient about the signs of a mental health problem.

Our rehab center includes teaching every individual all the signs and symptoms of mental health illness. Knowing how to recognize warning signs will help people to detect mental health issues early. Because the earlier you can get a diagnosis and start therapy, the better.

To build a support system.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we firmly believe that a healthy support system is one of the keys to lasting sobriety. Some patients don’t have a support system. It’s why our dual diagnosis treatment programs ensure to help everyone build a strong and healthy support system, whether from their families or their new friends from the rehab center.

To help lessen the feeling of isolation that might result from mental illness and addiction.

Most people struggling with dual diagnosis give up their recovery because they feel extremely lonely. It seems pointless for them to recover since no one wants them. Reassuring them they are loved, capable, and not alone is essential for healing.

To help patients create new and healthy coping mechanisms to prevent future mental health problems and addiction.

People with mental health illnesses tend to use substances to cope. It’s the habit that our rehab center wants to stop for holistic healing and recovery.

Battling addiction is warfare. But it’s possible to win against substance abuse. And the only way to achieve it is by reaching the goals of the treatment programs for dual diagnosis.

To achieve the goals mentioned above, treatment programs like Medical Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Programs, etc. are needed.

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