What is a residential sober living house, and what’s involved in it?

Apr 26, 2022 | Rehab

The environment you find yourself in after you complete rehab or leave detox plays a massive role in the success of your sobriety. So often, people who relapse find themselves in an environment that contains triggers that steer them towards relapse rather than steer them away from recovery. 

Returning to destructive environments after rehab is often extremely dangerous for anyone in recovery. Unfortunately, even the most motivated individual can be derailed by the environment they find themselves in. In the following article, we’ll look at what residential sober living in Houston is and why it could help your recovery. 

What’s the Difference Between a Halfway House and Sober Living? 

While both halfway houses and sober living share some standard features, both providing clean and safe spaces, there are some differences. 

  • Halfway Houses – Halfway houses are usually dorm-like structures operated by the state, with several beds in one room rather than individual rooms. They don’t offer the same privacy as a sober living house, have the same amount of support staff, and have less supervision. On the other hand, they’re a lot cheaper because they offer fewer amenities. 
  • Sober Living Houses – Addiction treatment centers often run sober living facilities for their clients that have successfully completed rehab and detox treatments. Choosing a rehab center that offers sober living houses or accommodation means that you can seamlessly transition from one supportive environment to another. 

What’s the History Behind Halfway Houses & Sober Living Houses? 

Halfway houses were used back in the 1700s in England to house young people that had committed crimes. In the United States, halfway houses are often used to help people transition out of prison and back into the community. 

Sober Loving started in around 1830 and was usually associated with religious organizations. In the beginning, they were often sober hotels where people stayed to help recover from their alcohol addiction. Since then, they have changed into facilities dedicated to assisting people transitioning from rehab and back into their everyday lives.

How to Succeed with Sober Living Houses 

The most critical part of successfully transitioning from detox or rehab back to a regular drug or alcohol-free life is following the guidelines and routine set out for you. Rules and routines are the backbones of success when you’re a recovering addict. They allow you to have a structure in your life and help you to focus on the tools you learned in recovery and rehab. 

What Is Residential Sober Living in Houston, TX? – Conclusion

There you go! Now you have a much clearer idea about what’s involved with the process of residential sober living in Houston and why it can be so crucial to your recovery. So, if you have been considering rehab, don’t put it off another minute! Making that first call can be the hardest yet most rewarding thing you ever do. 

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