What Makes Drugs an Addictive Substance?

Nov 28, 2022 | Rehab

Using drugs is like walking on a slippery slope. The moment you set foot on it, you’ll begin sliding down and reach the bottom even before you realize it. Just a few doses are enough to develop drug addiction. Some drugs are even stronger and it takes just one dose to create a dependency. 

Now, this raises many questions like how this happens and what makes these drugs so addictive. Hence, to answer all this, let’s go through this blog. 

What Makes Drugs so Addictive? 

Drugs are addictive due to the chemical dependence we build on them. Chemical dependence is the urge to take more drugs to feel normal. The initial habit starts with just one dose. The drug enters our system, produces feelings of joy and relaxation, and the brain processes it and begins to function normally. 

But when this occurs time and again, the brain, instead of processing it, begin to depend on it. This means, the brain now needs these drugs to function normally. Not just feel better but to work the way it used to before it was introduced to drugs. 

Now, due to this dependence, the brain and the body need a higher amount of drugs to function normally. This is how addiction kicks in. once addicted, it becomes difficult to skip even a single dose of the drug. 

Such a condition then needs specialized addiction treatment under experts’ supervision

Which are the Most Addictive Drugs? 

Not all drugs are equally addictive. Some need numerous doses to develop an addiction and for some, even a single dose is enough. There is a class of highly addictive drugs that include:

  1. Heroin 
  2. Fentanyl 
  3. Methamphetamine 
  4. Alcohol 
  5. Cocaine
  6. Marijuana 
  7. Xanax 
  8. Benzodiazepine 
  9. Kratom 

A few of these drugs are prescription medicines and painkillers. However, they can still cause permanent damage to your brain and body if abused. 

Thus, it is important to overcome addiction on time and the best place to do that is in rehab. You can visit Taylor Recovery to undergo drug addiction treatment. Call us now to know more about the program.