What to Expect in a Rehab Facility for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Dec 23, 2022 | Rehab

There are many misconceptions about rehab centers. Many believe that rehab centers are expensive, like jail, serving bad food, etc. These misconceptions are why people who need help have second thoughts about getting the support they deserve.

There is a reason why these ideas are misconceptions because these thoughts are not right.

In this article, Taylor Recovery will give you an idea of what a real addiction rehab looks like.

The Phases of Addiction Rehab

An addiction rehab program is comprised of different phases. These phases are consequential in achieving a successful recovery.

  • Assessment and Evaluation

Usually, physical and psychological assessment consumes an hour. This step is a deciding part where doctors interview patients regarding their history of drug use. The medical team will ask basic medical questions, run tests to check vital signs, and evaluate the medication needed. From this assessment, the medical team will design a structured program.

  • Medical Detox

Medical Detox typically lasts from three to seven days, but it depends on the severity of the addiction. During this stage, the patient will abstain from taking substances. Although this stage causes severe withdrawal symptoms, the medical team supervises the process to ensure a safe and comfortable detox.

  • Education and Therapy

After detoxification, a treatment program specifically designed for every individual is next. It can be a Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), or Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP).

This phase is crucial because patients will learn healthy coping mechanisms, learn new skills that they can use after, therapies that will treat the root cause of addiction, and education about the dangers of substance abuse disorder.

  • Aftercare Plan

Aftercare plans can last from months to years, depending on your dedication. A person who wants to achieve long-term sobriety can attend a continuous support group and therapy. Consistent dedication is the key to getting back your life from addiction.

Taylor Recovery will guide you throughout the addiction rehab program. We will assess and present the best treatment option based on your needs. Here at Taylor Recovery, your voice is heard.

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