What’s The Difference Between a Drug Detox Center and a Drug Rehab Center?

Jul 8, 2022 | Rehab

Substance abuse disorders affect Americans from every walk of life. In fact, in 2015, one research study found that 8% of Americans over the age of 12 needed treatment for a substance abuse disorder. And of these people with a drug dependency, 10 percent needed treatment at a facility.

Some people with substance dependencies can quit on their own. But every year, millions of people need a higher level of treatment to help them overcome their addiction.

There are two types of treatment centers: drug detox and drug rehab. Both aim to help a user end their addiction, but they each have their differences and benefits.

What to expect at a drug detox center

A drug detox center’s main goal is to help someone rid his or her body of a specific drug, like alcohol, opioids, or marijuana. This can take several hours, days, or weeks depending on the severity of the addiction. Once the detox is over, the patient can go home or continue drug treatment at a residential rehab.

For some substance addictions, withdrawal is highly uncomfortable and can even be dangerous. Withdrawal complications for intense addictions can include vomiting, seizures, and hallucinations. A drug detox center provides a safe place for people to withdraw from a substance under the care of medical professionals.

Benefits of a drug detox center

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • drug-free environment reduces the chances of relapse
  • Safe access to medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms

What to expect at a drug rehab center

A drug rehab, or drug treatment center, often provides drug detox along with other services. Detox is usually the first step in attending rehab. Once detox is over, the patient then becomes a resident and moves on to other programs during their stay, such as individual and group therapy.

Rehabs are more comprehensive and focus on detoxing a patient, along with helping them stay drug-free after they’ve completed treatment.

Benefits of a drug rehab center

  • medical detox available
  • outpatient and inpatient services
  • therapy
  • support network
  • holistic treatment (exercise, animal therapy, nutritious meals)
  • after-care services (therapy, sober living, relapse prevention)

Do I need detox or drug rehab in Houston?

Sometimes it’s not always clear what type of treatment an user needs. While some people benefit from detox only, others need detox and rehab.

You may need detox if:

  • You’ve tried to quit drug use, but experienced serious withdrawal symptoms, like vomiting, pain, or insomnia.
  • You have other medical conditions that could complicate withdrawal.
  • You want to be under the care of medical professionals while you detox.
  • Your environment isn’t drug free and chances of relapse are high.

You may need drug rehab if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed with a substance use disorder.
  • You’ve quit drug abuse, but relapsed.
  • You want a network of support.
  • You want access to additional services and therapy to help you overcome your substance abuse addiction.

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