What’s The Difference Between Drug Detox And Drug Rehab? 

May 28, 2022 | Rehab

Addiction is a chronic disease and has become common among the citizens of America. Nearly 50% of Americans have either struggled with addiction or know someone who is struggling. However, many fail to seek appropriate treatment. They don’t know what to go for, drug rehab or a drug detox? 

Therefore, here’s a blog to help such people differentiate between a drug detox and a drug rehab center. 

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox or the process of detoxification is the first step towards achieving a lifetime of sobriety. During this phase, your body will undergo a complete absence of the addictive substances you have been consuming for a long time. This way, all the toxins will slowly be metabolized by your body, and soon your system will be free of all the toxic substances.

Your body has a self-healing property and can naturally detoxify itself by removing toxins via the excretory system. But some people might need medical assistance to do so. Attending a drug detox can give you access to necessary medications, which can help in detox and reduce withdrawal symptoms. This process usually needs 3 to 7 days, and once you have detoxed successfully, you are ready to move to drug rehab. 

What Is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab marks the next step of addiction treatment. The main aim of drug rehab is to keep you sober and away from those negative influences which started your addiction in the first place. 

Addiction affects your mental, physical and spiritual self, and drug rehab focuses on repairing these damaged areas. During the rehab process, you will identify the root cause of addiction and learn how to combat situations that can lead to a relapse. 

Addiction also damages relationships with your loved ones. But with therapies by drug rehab centers, you can mend these broken relationships and can go back to living a normal life like before. 

A drug rehab mainly teaches you to stay sober after treatment and also improves certain skills which can help you in life. 

What’s The Difference? 

Drug detox and drug rehab both aim at providing a lifetime of sobriety to their patients, what’s the difference then?

Well, the major difference lies in the time frame of both treatments. Drug detox will need approx. Seven days, whereas, drug rehab will need a patient to dedicate at least a month to treatment. 

The difference lies in how it affects the patients. Drug detox will only help your body get rid of the toxic substances whereas a drug rehab will help you further improve your lifestyle and stay sober forever. 

Get The Help You Need

Going through drug detox alone is an extremely difficult process. But Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas, is there to help you. We aim to provide a lifetime of sobriety to our patients with effective treatments and therapies. Contact us now and get all the assistance you need.