Why is Detoxing at Home Never Encouraged by the Experts?

Nov 20, 2022 | Rehab

Detox is the first step in addiction treatment. After entering rehab, you need to undergo a thorough detox and free your body of all toxins. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Detox involves a range of withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely difficult to handle without support. These symptoms can be severe and mild depending on the severity of your addiction. 

That’s the reason experts believe that detoxing at home can be dangerous. There are other reasons too that justify this statement. 

Disadvantages of Detoxing at Home 

Following are the disadvantages of detoxing at home: 

  1. It can be extremely dangerous 

The intensity of withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the amount and type of substances consumed. Withdrawal symptoms while detoxing alcohol or benzodiazepines can be fatal and lead to some irreversible consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to only detox under experts’ supervision. 

  1. Increased chances of relapse 

The withdrawal symptoms can be so intense at times that they can force you to take substances again. This is known as relapse. Since you have no one to stop you from consuming substances again, you are likely to relapse within a few days of detox. 

  1. You miss out on aftercare facility 

Rehabs offer an in-depth aftercare service that ensures that you have safely overcome your addiction and have minimized the chances of relapse. Detoxing at home deprives you of this aftercare service. Hence, it is advised to detox at rehab and ensure that your recover fully. 

  1. You can’t benefit from medical detox 

While detoxing from a few substances of severe addiction, you are likely to face extremely severe withdrawal symptoms. You need medical support to safely detox in such a case. However, if you detox at home, you cannot get the required help. 

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