The Worst Behaviors You Need to Stop to Achieve a Better Mental Health

Sep 16, 2022 | Rehab

Most of us lead busy lives juggling the demands of our jobs, school, family, and chores. When you have so much to do, it’s easy to overlook your mental health.

However, keeping your mental health is equally as important as maintaining your physical health. So here are the five worst behaviors you need to stop to achieve better mental health:

  1. Sedentary Lifestyle

Some days spent watching TV and sleeping are fine, but if you’re a couch potato, you must change. A sedentary lifestyle increases sadness, anxiety, and chronic stress, according to research.

Increase everyday exercise. Exercise is healthy and helps reduce stress. Not all gym workouts are cardio as you can swim, do yoga, kickboxing, and more.

  1. Overusing Social Media

Excessive social media use is linked to sadness, stress, loneliness, self-harm, and suicide. Social media may cause unpleasant experiences like life worries, and social media experts suggest spending 30 minutes every day may result in better mental health.

  1. Lack of Self-Care

Self-care promotes mental well-being. Sleep-deprived and sick people make poor judgments. Commit to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness by giving yourself good nutrition, daily workouts, and doing things that you love.

  1. Ignoring Your Emotions

Suppressing emotions is bad for your mental and physical well-being. Time doesn’t erase feelings. They may ‘live’ in the body and cause illness. This causes anger, stress, depression, and memory loss. Not admitting your feelings makes them stronger. Talk to a friend, family member, or therapist to process feelings.

  1. Prioritizing Other’s Needs

Consider others’ needs for good partnerships. Remember that neglecting your own needs to please others might lead to codependency, and that a healthy relationship starts with limits, excellent communication, and finding your hobbies.

Seeing a therapist may help.

By avoiding these negative behaviors, you may enhance your mental health and recover faster.

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