Drug and Alcohol Rehab near
Pasadena, Texas

For most people struggling with alcohol or substance abuse,
finding the perfect rehab facility might be tricky.
Although we ensure that you have everything you might need here at Taylor Recovery.
So, why don’t you join us today on the road towards addiction recovery?

A Beautiful Life Awaits You

Taylor Recovery is one of the leading drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Texas. While our main facility is in the heart of Houston, we also serve those in Pasadena. Moreover, we believe that accessibility is vital and that getting excellent care shouldn’t be unattainable.

Here at Taylor Recovery, our team of doctors and medical professionals will ensure that you have everything you need to reach your goals. Inevitably, this could lead to long-term sobriety, and you’ll see what a beautiful life awaits you outside of your addiction. That’s a guarantee!

Furthermore, we have various treatments and therapies available, and some of them could even be customized depending on a patient’s needs. Occasionally, this is to ensure that they’re fully equipped to handle everything and that they can safely overcome the thoughts of relapse.

Taylor Recovery is always here for you, and we will help you every step of the way.


Are you ready to make that life-long commitment towards long-term sobriety?

Breaking a drug or alcohol addiction habit is extremely tough. Our lifestyle and those we surround ourselves with enable and encourage our addictions. Therefore, it gets to the point where it becomes impossible to getaway.

This is where Taylor Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs come in.

Our sober living facility provides a safe environment surrounded by peers who want to live a sober life like you. Besides, our facility is pet friendly because we know your dog and/or cat has been proven to help with your new sober journey.

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Taylor Recovery accepts PPO and all major insurance providers around the country.
Initially, we’ll make sure that your insurance covers your addiction treatments and therapies.
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What We Offer

We offer a variety of treatments and therapies to our patients in Pasadena – these are the following:

Additionally, we offer pet-friendly rehab treatments as we believe that our furry friends can give us that nurturing and extra support that we might need to go through this challenging time.

Are you ready to achieve long-term sobriety?
Remember that we’re always here to help you out!

Consequently, Give us a call today to schedule an assessment or visit our facility.