Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

There are times when inpatient, residential addiction treatment is needed to provide the individual with the highest probability of success. For some, intensive outpatient treatment along with 12-step meeting will be all that is needed. For the rest, Taylor Recovery offers residential addiction treatment at their Sugar Land facility.

Residential treatment provides clients with an opportunity to relearn how to live life sober. This is done is a safe, caring environment free from outside influences and judgement. Our inpatient clients work with clinical professionals to understand their addiction and work toward overcoming the root cause.

  • Pet Friendly Facility
  • High Quality Bedding and Facilities
  • 24 Hour Clinical Staff On-Site
  • Psychiatrist on-site
  • Private Chef Prepared Meals

For those that have a medical need for a higher level of addiction treatment, our residential inpatient rehab facility is perfect. If you or a loved one has questions about what is right for you, please contact us and have a no obligation conversation about what is best for your specific situation.

Individualized Treatment Plans

One size does not fit all and not all clients are alike.  That is why we at Taylor Recovery believe in creating individualized treatment plans for all of our residential clients.  After performing an extensive intake evaluation, our professional team of clinicians and therapists work together to create an effective treatment plan for each individual.

This treatment plan will include the goals for each client in Taylor Recovery with separate modules and steps to achieve their goals.  The staff at Taylor Recovery is highly trained to diagnosis and treat the full range of mental disorders and provide a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program for each individual.

Group Sessions

Part of your residential treatment at Taylor Recovery Center at Sugar Land includes group therapy sessions. This is offered to all of our clients in detox and residential treatment.  Group therapy allows clients to interact with one another and form a communal bond so that the group can grow in unison towards the common goal of sustained sobriety.

Our group therapy program allows all of our clients to communicate and share what they are going through. As part of recovery from addiction is focused around community, we find that building a strong foundation within our program promotes a higher success rate.

Our 12 Step Track

Taylor Recovery offers a 12-step rehab program for those seeking recovery. Our 12 step program follow the standard guidelines outlined in NA and AA which promotes healing from within, while working through 12 steps to recovery.

At the core of the 12-step program at Taylor Recovery is understanding one’s self and being able to admit faults to grow. This program also promotes a firm foundation in the recovery community. Every city, in every state offers 12-step meetings, free of charge, for those suffering from addiction. This means our clients can travel while still maintaining the most important aspect of their life, sobriety.