Covid19 Update: Our Facility Is Taking All Necessary Precautions to Insure The Safety Of Our Patients. We Continue To Offer Addiction Rehab & Detox Treatment.

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Sober Living Staff

Our professional team of experts and therapists work closely with you during all stages of your stay. We tailor each client’s recovery plan to meet their specific needs, helping them get to the root of all issues and making any adjustments required to ensure they succeed. We employ a range of traditional and alternative treatment experts to offer the best of the best in our programming.

About Taylor Recovery

Sober Living Staff

When we consider the term “wellness”, we often focus on the physical aspects of health. We think about things like diet and exercise, ensuring that we seek the necessary treatments and support for physical afflictions, and so on. But total wellness also includes the mental and emotional aspects of a person’s health, too.

Sober Living Staff

Kimberly Isaac

Sober Living Director

Sober Living Staff

Theresa Fattig

Office Manager

Sober Living Staff

Jeffrey Olsen

Executive Assistant