Side Effects, Signs, and Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Nov 8, 2022 | Rehab

Addictive substances have gripped a considerable portion of the human population across the world. More and more people are falling victim to its effects. One such drug that has created havoc among everyone is heroin. This is an extremely harmful drug and can cause severe health issues with time. 

Therefore, it is necessary to receive heroin addiction treatment as soon as possible. 

Side Effects of Heroin Abuse 

Extended use of heroin severely affects the mind and body of the user. It can cause some long-term side effects like: 

  • Degeneration of white matter in the brain 
  • Profound indecisiveness 
  • Impaired inhibitions 
  • Mood swings 

Along with these, a prolonged intake of heroin can also lead an individual’s brain to lose its natural ability to produce dopamine or the happy hormone. This is what then leads to heroin abuse and addiction. 

Signs of Heroin Addiction 

Heroin addiction cannot go unnoticed. Individuals addicted to heroin display the following signs of addiction:  

  • Unable to quit the drug despite severe health issues 
  • Unusual behavior like lying and stealing 
  • Sudden change in habits 
  • Memory issues 
  • Changed personality 
  • Red dots on arms and feet due to continuous injecting 
  • Sudden weight loss 
  • Constricted pupils 

If these signs are ignored, one can end up in even bigger troubles like an overdose, stroke, comma, and even death. Thus, to prevent such situations, it is necessary to stop heroin use as early as possible. For this, one can rely on heroin addiction treatments available at several drug rehabs. 

Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction 

The best way to escape the claws of heroin addiction is by undergoing a detox program at a reputed rehab. One can also undergo a medically-assisted detox program depending on the severity of their addiction. 

Once detoxed, the patients need to go for therapy sessions that will help them learn coping techniques for future drug cravings and triggers. 

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