How You Can Stay Sober on Really Bad Days

Feb 13, 2022 | Rehab

Five Ways to Stay Sober on Your Really “Bad” Days

The road to addiction recovery isn’t a smooth path – it’s one filled with twists and turns, and it’s up to us to overcome these challenges. However, it’s also best to acknowledge that no matter how far we’ve come on our journey towards long-term sobriety, there will always be really “bad” days waiting for us.

So how can you stay sober on your really bad days?

Taylor Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehab center based in Houston, Texas. We have a team of doctors and medical professionals who aim to help our patients reach their full potiential in order for them to attain long-term sobriety. While we acknowledge that this isn’t always easy, we have come up with five ways for you to stay sober on your really bad days.

Learning to deal with your emotions is a great way to battle having a relapse, but there are other ways to do so. Here are five ways to help you stay sober on your really bad days:

  1. Always acknowledge your feelings.

Never ignore your feelings, and don’t try to suppress or push them away. This will only give you a sense that you’re stressing yourself out. This is why it’s best to let your feelings come to the surface so you can process them in a healthy manner. Yes, this might be quite uncomfortable, but this can help you stay sober.

  1. Think about extending your treatment.

If you think you have continuous bad days, it might be time for you to extend your treatment. It’s best to bear in mind that nothing is wrong with extending your treatment, and this can be a great thing for you to do to ensure that you don’t suffer a relapse. Plus, you can protect your sobriety while working towards healing and learning new and improved skills.

  1. Try practicing good self-care.

It’s best to understand that good self-care is important, and when you reach your bad days, you must always give yourself grace. It’s best to practice good self-care by moving, eating a healthy meal, or even watching your favorite films whenever you’re feeling a bit down. This can help you pass the time while positively dealing with your negative emotions.

  1. You might want to go to a meeting.

Another way to handle your negative emotions is by going to a meeting where you can be surrounded by people who can help you overcome your bad days. This is essential, and it’s always best to have those people who can offer both motivation and emotional support.

  1. Always focus on the positive side of your journey.

Always focus on the positive, especially if you’re having a bad day. It’s quite hard to see the positive in your life if you’re feeling down, but you can always write down the things that you’ve been grateful for ever since you started your journey towards addiction recovery. This can seriously help you change your perspective – it’s pretty great!

Here at Taylor Recovery Center, we want to see you win against your battle with addiction. This is why we’ve made these five ways for you to stay sober on your really bad days.

Why not give us a call today at Taylor Recovery Center to schedule a tour of our alcohol and drug rehab facility in the heart of Houston? We would love to have you over, and we would love to be a part of your journey towards long-term sobriety!