12 Step Support Groups

Jan 26, 2015 | General TRC Information

“There is no person walking the face of the earth who demonstrates more courage, dignity, and integrity, on a daily basis, than an addict in recovery” – Author Unknown

Here at Taylor Recovery we strive to offer our residents the very best Recovery Resources available in and around Houston.  This is why our weekly activity schedule includes a variety of 12 step group meetings.  Aside from the onsite NA meeting that Taylor Recovery and our residents host each week, residents also venture out to meetings such as AA, CA, and other 12 step group support meetings at area treatment centers, and clubs.

The disease of addiction, often referred to in AA as cunning, baffling, and powerful, affects the mind, body, and the spirit.  Scientific research is proving that 12 step support groups are a very important component in the success of long-term recovery. In fact, according to prominent organizations such as The National Institute on Health “The evidence is overwhelming that AA, and treatments that facilitate patients’ engagement with groups like AA, are among the most effective and best studied treatments for helping change addictive behavior.”

Taylor Recovery residents often express gratitude for each other, and it’s easy to see why.  They consider themselves part of a community, bonded by the shared disease of addiction, and bonded by the extraordinary lives they are able to experience in recovery. Our weekly meeting schedule allows residents the opportunity to utilize their membership of groups such as AA and NA as a means to make further make positive changes in their social networks, maintain motivation, achieve confidence in the ability to cope with the demands of recovery, decrease depression symptoms, and rely on a spirituality that defies measurement.