What is a Detox Program?

Jan 8, 2023 | Rehab

You must be aware that detox is the first step in an addiction treatment program. But how does it help? Does detox completely heals addiction or does it just help in overcoming the cravings? 

All of these questions are valid until you don’t read about them yourself. Detox is a necessary first step in the addiction process. It helps in eliminating the toxins from your system by completely cutting off the intake. Further, detox also helps in improving your mental and physical health. There are several other roles of detox. Read more about them in the blog below. 

What is Meant by Detox?

As mentioned above, detox is the first step in the process of an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program. It begins with completely cutting off the intake of the substances. This allows your body to process and flushes out all the toxins. Meanwhile, as the body removes these toxins, you are likely to experience a few withdrawal symptoms. These commonly include: 

  1. Depression 
  2. Anxiety 
  3. Shakiness or tremors 
  4. Hallucinations 
  5. Panic attacks 

The list of withdrawal symptoms can go on and also differ depending on: 

  • Type of substance consumed 
  • Duration of addiction
  • Frequency of dosage 
  • Other combinations of substances consumed 
  • Amount of substances taken 

If the duration of addiction is long, the detox and withdrawal are likely to last more than a week. However, if the addiction was mild, the detox will happen faster and will be bearable. 

Process of Medical Detox 

Detox or medical detox involves a few stages. Those are: 

  1. Medical assessment 

This is the first step where the professionals at rehab will assess your physical and mental health conditions. They will run a few tests and based on the results, they can recommend the necessary treatments and therapies. 

  1. Withdrawal and medications

As the detox begins, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. If the withdrawal is too severe, the professionals can aid you with safe medicines. These medicines produce a similar effect as the substances but are less harmful and help by lessening the effects of withdrawal. 

  1. Therapies and counseling 

Once the detox concludes, you can move on to undergoing therapy sessions. These help in reshaping your mental state and rebuilding broken relationships. 

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